Become an Affiliate

If your website advocates healthy living, the pHresh Affiliate Program allows you to earn revenue quickly and easily through your website, blog, or e-newsletter. The pHresh eStore is the primary online destination for pHresh Products & pHresh Superfoods.

How the program works

pHresh Affiliates can earn up to 16% commission on all sales that are referred to the pHresh eStore from a link placed on your site. You’re paid the first time a customer visits to make a purchase, PLUS for any subsequent tracked purchases that a customer makes for up to 60 days. With an average order size over $110, your commissions quickly add up.

Who should sign up?

If you have a site that is up and running and focuses on health, fitness, recipes, parenting, children, vegetarian, or green living topics, pHresh is a great fit with your content. pHresh customers are health-conscious consumers seeking organic, plant-based, whole food products.

Why sign up?

  • Competitive, tiered commission structure for bloggers, coupon and eCommerce sites
  • 60-day return cookie
  • Average order size of $100
  • Free gift incentives for consumers
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

If your application is accepted, you’ll be invited to browse the extensive range of pHresh Products & pHresh Superfoods links and banners to place on your website.


  • Earn up to 16% commission on all valid sales (average order value is $100)
  • Full range of category-specific affiliate banners
  • Specific pHresh promotional material
  • Automated product feed
  • Frequent affiliate communications regarding offers and new products
  • Gifts available for affiliate-run competitions and promotions


  • True content sites
  • Bloggers
  • Recipes
  • Fitness/Recipes/Parenting/Yoga/Sports/Parenting sites
  • News sites
  • Shopping directories


For questions about our Affiliate Program, contact our affiliate program manager at