What is the recommended Dosage for CBD Products?

What Is The Recommended Dosage For CBD Products?

CBD affects everyone differently, so it is important to customize the dosage to an individual’s needs. It is recommended that an individual starts with a small dosage and then slightly increase as necessary to achieve the desired result or as recommended by a healthcare provider or physician. An excellent source for dosage recommendations is ProjectCBD.org.

Below is a breakdown of how much CBD is in each strength of CBD tincture (one full dropper is approximately 1 mL). Drops sizes can vary in size, but 1 mL is about 10 drops

3000mg tincture has approximately 100mg of CBD in 1 mL.
1500mg tincture has approximately 50mg of CBD in 1 mL.
500mg tincture has approximately 16.7mg of CBD in 1 mL.