Made from Plants, Not Petroleum

Made From Plants, Not Petroleum




Our topical ingredients are chosen with care, and we want your body to fully absorb them. That’s why aloe is our first ingredient, instead of water, like most products (check your bottles to see). Water evaporates as it spreads across the skin, stranding many active ingredients at the surface. Aloe Vera puts the other ingredients on its back, carrying all the good stuff to the deepest layers of your skin, while providing moisture. It’s quite the overachiever.


Our ingredients are the stars of our topical products. since you’re putting them on your body every day, we make sure you can pronounce and understand every ingredient that we use!


Our Products Are NOT White


Our Complete Hemp product lines all have

their natural color, because they’re actually natural.


Most things in nature aren’t white.

We’ve chosen not to change that, so we keep

our products the way nature intended.

P.S. Don’t worry, it won’t turn your skin a

different color... unless “glowing” is a color!

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