The Complete Hemp Difference

The Complete Hemp Difference


Setting New Standards


Designed for conscious consumers looking for a truly natural & safe, health and beauty products with distinctly superior performance.


Our products are unbleached and unprocessed. we all know that plants and herbs are not white.


When you grow plants with pesticides and fertilizers, some of the chemicals end up in products and then in our bodies. that’s not a very healthy way to treat ourselves. It’s why we source ingredients grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.


The skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and a lot of what we put on it gets absorbed. So we decided that if we don’t want it in our body, we shouldn’t put it on our body.

 Formulated By A Yale Scientist

  • In synergy with the body to stimulate the skin's inherent healing and beautifying mechanisms


  • No external masking of skin problems, or temporary alteration of skin’s appearance with synthetic chemicals.

  • Inspired by Ayurvedic modalities (that are, in fact, considered medicinal in some countries) that were being developed 5000 years ago for various specific needs


Our Process



At Complete Hemp™ our products are extracted from industrial hemp grown under various state and federally approved Department of Agriculture industrial hemp programs, using only the most technologically advanced Super-Critical and NON-GMO Cold Ethanol methods to achieve the highest quality.  


We have full chain of custody for every batch shows where it was derived from for compliance and protection. Each batch is tested numerous times to ensure purity, potency and safety both by independent third party labs.